Sunday, 26 October 2014

On the Move

So in November 2013 i upped roots and moved to Ascot. This was a massive change form the mountains of north wales but a necessary one. I had decided it was time to up my game and needed to be near a wall where i could train and get stronger, i found a local wall and set out on a training program. I dedicated to bouldering as lack of power had been holding me back. Training was going well I was gaining power and working all my weakest points aka core, lats, slopers. But in the january i cutloose on a problem and ruptured my tendon, this was devastating id had minor strains in the past but nothing like this. I thought about the best course of actions for me and decided to push my body training until my finger healed, i started training in the gym doing front levers weighted situps Pullups I worked hard and gained. I grew strong in my body and after 2 months i started easy climbing again but the healing process is slow and my finger was very weak, I had booked a trip to Bishop in may and knew I needed to be healed again for that I worked my body intensely and gradually progressed again into climbing. I took a weekend break up to the gritstone to see what form i was on prior to heading for bishop. With the Green Traverse going down and a few other problems i knew i was in reasonable shape but my finger was still very vulnerable. I knew i would have to take it easy, so i continued with my rehab and gradually  healed myself.

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