Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Video of the trip

May 2014 soon arrived and I was on a plane to LAX heading for Bishop, me and a good friend Graham had decided to head to Bishop for two weeks. It was planned prior to me injuring my finger but I decided to still go anyway, we arrived in LA and hired a 4x4 then headed straight for Bishop. Although I had to be careful with my weak finger I was super psyched to get some mileage in and sample the different area's, First stop was the Buttermilks. The Buttermilks is an amazing area huge boulders and great scenery, the climbing itself is a little sharp and crimpy so I couldn't try that much with my bad finger. But I still climbed some cool problems in the V5-V7 range Get Carter and Seven Spanish Angels were two great problems on such a cool boulder. I spent a lot of time in the Happy Boulders, the rock is more skin friendly and has larger holds, It also suited my style better. So I loved climbing in the happy boulder, theres not so many problems there but there all very cool to climb and you have a great range of boulders between V4 and V10 perfect for warming up on and then harder sends.
Some of my favourite problems were The Hulk just a mega classic problem Acid Wash Right (didn't do normal version) Action Figure a hard V6 but awesome moves and The Gleaner. Theres loads there but these suited me well and I was happy to flash some of them. We met a great bunch of guys out there all super motivated and awesome climbers, Jeremy and Triston just crushed everything super inspiring to watch. So Bishop is an amazing venue and I cant wait to head back.
Seven Spanish Angels

The 4x4

Holy Crap this boulder is huge
Had to do the epic run to get this photo but totally worth it

Monday, 1 December 2014


This is a video from a couple years back when i did Strapadictomy E5 6b at Froggart